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A Group of Medical Billing Professionals

We are Medical Billing Experts dedicated to provide frontline service in Healthcare Sector.


Who We Are?

We are Medical billing experts dedicated to provide frontline service in Healthcare sector.

We are group of Medical billing professionals who provide a complete medical billing solutions and work as backbone and taking care of all initial challenges that Healthcare provider (Doctors) encounter on daily basis, so that their core focus stays on taking care of their patient’s.


Why A/R Follow-up is Important in Medical Billing Process?

1. Financial Stability of the Practice:
The financial stability of any healthcare service provider is highly dependent on maintaining a positive cash flow. The hospital has to maintain a steady flow of revenue to cover expenses so as to provide patient care services, and the A/R department ensures this is taken care of.

2. Helps in Recovering Overdue Payments:
A/R follow-up helps all hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, etc. to recover the over-due payments without any hassle. When there is a team which is constantly involved in the claims follow-up procedure, it becomes easier for the healthcare providers to receive payments on time.

3. Minimize Time for Outstanding Accounts:
The primary objective of A/R management is to minimize the amount of time that accounts are allowed to remain outstanding. The team tracks accounts that have not been paid, assesses a suitable action required to secure payment, and implements procedures for secure payment.

4. Claims Never Go Missing:
The biggest reason for delay in payments is due to the claim not being received. This usually happens when paper claims are lost. To avoid this, it is wise to send the claims in the electronic form. If the claim has been followed-up and you are aware that the claim hasn't been received, then it becomes easier to send another request for the claim soon.

5. Claims Denied can be Followed Up:
Depending on the denial reason, you can actually send a new claim request with the required corrections made. By calling the insurance companies and finding out the denial reason instead of waiting for the denial reason on mail, the A/R department can ensure that all claims are followed through till the end.

6. Recover Claims Kept Pending for Information:
Sometimes claims are kept pending for a certain amount of time due to additional information needed for the member. By following-up properly the A/R team can inform the member about the situation and then a suitable action is taken so that the process can be sped up.

- Our Business Associate under HIPAA regulations. We are fully in compliance with all HIPAA regulations.

1. All employees are trained and tested on HIPAA knowledge.

2. All technology vetted for HIPAA compliance on regular basis.

3. Networking fully secure (cloud and physical server).